Friday, November 10, 2006

What To Look For In The Perfect Ghost Writer

"By: Sandra Clair

As an online entrepreneur, good writing skills are important to your website business. Informed webmasters know that running an online business involves a variety of written communication including, blogs, press releases, articles, newsletters and other written information.

Since proficient writing skills are crucial to the success of your business, you want to make sure that your content is grammatically correct, unique and interesting. If you lack the time or the skills to write your own website content you need to hire a ghost writer to write for you. "

The Difference Between Rich Authors and Poor Authors

"By: Steve Manning

There's a real difference between what rich authors do and what poor authors do, and the difference has nothing to do with their writing ability.

How many times have you read a poorly written book and then wondered why it was a best seller, only to then read a really well written book that languished in anonymity. No one had ever heard of it and it had sold only a handful of copies.

It's not the writing, it's not the cover art, it's not the author's sincerity or the accuracy of the information. It really has little to do with the publisher, the distributor or the bookstore.

But it has everything to do with the author."

Article Writing Questions for You

"By: james lowe

Pretend for a brief moment that you are an article. Not a physical but a storied one. You can be a force more powerful than anything in the world if you share it.

Why would anyone care about you and your story of being an article? Maybe you know good ways to get along with others and have a lot of knowledge about it. You could tell others about it and share with them what you know in your oral article.

Another way to share your article is to write it down. This way it does not go away the minute you are done saying it. You have to be careful here though. A written article could last forever and it will have your name and reputation on it.

What if someone reads your written article, 50 years from now, and learns how to get along better with others? What if he or she becomes a country leader and a planet wide influence, for the better? Your article can be more influential and a building influence now.

What if one man stops beating the hell out of his wife because his father, before him, did the same thing because he read your article and learned to let his shoulders come down, relax and behave? How would that make you feel?

What if a dictator stopped concentrating on wiping out freedom or religions other than his own and learned to build and hel"

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Innovation with Microsoft Access

"By: Christine Harrell

Microsoft Access is perhaps the most underutilized powerhouse application in any office today. Because most people haven't had Access training, they generally attempt to organize their data using Word or Excel; applications with only a fraction of the functionality. Without Access training, most managers and employees don't even realize that they are missing out on serious functionality that could make their tasks exponentially easier, faster, and more accurate.

Who Uses Microsoft Access:
Access is a relational database program that allows the user to connect lots of pieces of information without a complicated mess. Just about every manager, inventory specialist, or customer relations specialist has a need to quickly access different types of data relating to one employee, product, or customer respectively."

6 Honest Reasons to Write a Book

"By: Yvonne Garcia

The way I see it, learning how to write a book is not about you struggling with much of anything at all. If you can talk, you can write. So writing a book is not as difficult as you might think. And actually many experts say that you should write like you speak. Your writing will be more real, instead of more like a thesis or scholarly-like essay. Which do you prefer to read? A personal communication or a thesis? Once you get inspired you might not be able to stop! These reasons for writing a book might just inspire you. I hope they do."