Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Why Your Freelance Writing Talents Are Desperately Needed

You may or may not have heard this before - On the Internet: Content is King. Or to put it another way: the websites that deliver the most up-to-date and relevant content also tend to be the most popular. And if the website(s) in question have a commercial aspect to them, which is most of them; then popularity goes onto equate with increased income for the website owner.

The explosive growth of the Internet and the attendant growth of Internet related commerce has created an unprecedented demand for written content. Now the fact of the matter is that is very rare for webmasters to go about each day creating this content themselves. They simply don't have the time. What you will find is that they source the content from elsewhere and are happy to pay for it.

You can see where this is going, can't you? If Webmasters are happy to pay for outsourced content then there is an obvious opportunity for freelance writes to create that content and get paid for it.

It gets better: Not only is there a demand for freelance writing skills but some specific online markets have sprung up that allow freelance writers to present their wares as it were. Webmasters know to go to these markets to secure outsourced content so it really streamlines the process of selling your writing skills.

It gets better still: The constantly evolving nature of the Internet means that new avenues are continually springing up - all of which are in need of new content. If it's not website owners that need sales copy, then it'll be bloggers who need fresh content for their blog readers. And if it's not blog owners that need content, then it'll be article directories looking for more content so that webmasters keep coming back to them. And so on and so on. If there's one thing the Internet is not: it is static. Opportunities abound wherever you look and content creation is one of the biggest of them.

Two of the biggest and most popular online auction sites are and Webmasters know that they can go to these central resources, create a job description, and then have freelance writers bid to do that work. It works like a dutch auction with the lowest bidder usually, though not always, winning the bid and securing the job. Of course once you've done good work for someone once, they may opt to bypass the bidding process the next time around and work with you directly.

The beauty about selling your freelance writing skills these agencies is that not only do they provide an efficient marketplace for you to sell your skills but they also act as a governing body to ensure that your invoice is paid within 30 days or sooner. People that do pay you late on these sites tend to get kicked off. In that respect it is very similar to the eBay auction system except that you are dealing with writing services instead of "shipped goods".

If you're a writer looking to make an income by writing online then it behoves you to make yourself visible where the buyers of content all go to shop. and are the best places to start.

Scott is a successful freelance writer who makes the bulk of his income by writing online. To learn how you can create a secondary income through pursuing freelance writing opportunities go to

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