Friday, January 19, 2007

How to Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Editor Note: Your headline might be the most important part of any body of writing on the web. Shane Wilson gets right to the point of how and why.
This article is written with sales letters and advertising in mind but the guidlines Shane has outlined below work equally as well with any type of article. After all, when you write an article you are selling yourself.

Reach out and grab your readers with attractive, click persuasive and winning headlines. Watch as your promotional ROI (return on investment) increases fast! Follow the steps below and turn those browsers into buyers by sucking them into your advertisement or sales page with irresistible Headlines.

Below are 7 ways that you can attract readers and more importantly buyers of your product or service. If you use one or all of them it does not matter, just use these techniques I have outlined for you.

(a) How To... This is one of the top performing headlines...

Shane Wilson has been marketing online for years. He has many successful sites that cater to up and coming business people online. You can learn more about Shane at his blog located at my Blog Thank you.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

An Expert's Tactic to Finding Popular Topics for Website Content Revealed

Editor Note: Sometimes deciding what draws visitors to your web site is a webmaster, blog or ezine author's biggest challenge. Jason Waganer has some good ideas about finding the right content for your theme or topic.

Are you seeking a tactic to generate ideas for content that will make your blog elite? Do you need articles that provides readers with precisely what they're looking for and keeps them returning again and again?

If so, you may be curious exactly how to accomplish this feat. After all, you're not a fortune teller. But you can be the next best thing - a savvy marketer. There's a way to learn what your market is looking for - and it's simpler than you probably thought.

Let's say your blog is about German Shepherds. This is just an example. What you would do is become a member of every German Shepherd-related message board and online forum you could find.

Then read anything you can. You will learn more about what dog owners need to know at these places than anywhere else.

Look for questions - then look for a way to answer them through in-depth and enjoyable articles. Your target audience will see...

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