Friday, April 06, 2007

The Power Of The Written Word or Why This One Skill Could Potentially Bring In Millions

Is the "art of writing" the ultimate business power? We all know that writing skill is a necessity on the Internet. Without written communication business transactions would never happen. Can studying the art of writing make you wealthy? Dave Origano gives some insight.

There is one sentence that is all around my notebooks, in my workbooks and stuck on my monitor, with so much truth and power in it, it takes me to a new level of doing business every time I read it. This one sentence simply forms a barrier for a lot of marketers, though when you developed this one skill, a world of abundance opens for you.

Many people have used this subject all over their works, and therefor it has reached a lot of people. Those who apply it and live by it are set free from a lot of limiting beliefs. They have found abundance, creativity, energy and freedom. Now I prepared this article for you, that is meant to teach you why this is such an important skill.

You are experiencing it right now, the very power that made my business and that same power can build your business too faster then you can say "pepperoni pizza". I'm sure, if you got a penny for everything you read or heard about this subject, you would have been rich by now. If not, then you have been hiding under a rock since World War 2. I really do hope that's not the case!

I'll let you know what this sentence is, within a minute. But first I urge you to relax, take a few deep breaths. Let it flow in your mind for a while and only continue with your work when you feel that you have absorbed all the knowledge, power and vision of this sentence.

Now let's get to the point. You're now going to learn what the single best skill in the marketing world is. The skill that can change your life for good!

This skill, or I prefer to call it an art, is writing. Harness the power of the written word and you can do whatever you want to do. You can reach any goal you set, and make every dream come true.

Why is this the most superior skill to learn in the marketing world? Why is it one of the most superior skills in the whole world?

It is because you need to write every single day. You need to write a job application, a letter asking for promotion, letters for joint ventures, affiliates, sales letters and much more. There is enormous power in the written word. Therefor a few words or pages of words can open all parts of the world.

You can see everything you write as an invitation letter, asking for people to invite you into their world. Inviting them to buy from you. Inviting to become a friend or fan of you. All can be done with the skill of writing.

As writing is a very complex skill, you can visit my website for the next parts of this article series. It's just not possible to discuss every asset of writing in one single article. At my website you can find more articles discussing the secrets of writing. There I will also show you how to use this power for your own benefit, and what the best books and courses are.

Dave Origano is author of "Motivation & Inspiration" and "Momentum Based Marketing". For his free newsletter with articles, gift ebooks, training materials and more, go to

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