Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Effect of Language Translation Scripts on Author Professionalism

You may have seen some of the latest releases of translation software on the market these days. The ones that will translate your website into 8 to 10 different languages seamlessly. These translation programs, to some extent, do work and add some benefit. But how much benefit?

For many of us, English is our first language, and at least in America, it is the language for business. The internet is chalk full of websites authored in the English language. But business and communication is global. Recent statistics reveal that for the vast majority of internet users online throughout the world, English is not their first language. Roughly two thirds of the global internet user crowd, do not use English. What does this mean for the English language business or communication internet industries? Well, simply, that they are not "language friendly" to the majority of internet users world wide. The solution ...

Angela Abbette writes for and is a user of the language translation script found at

Article Source: Bytepowered Articles